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What is Women's Aid East and Midlothian?

Some families experience difficult things such as one grown up being threatened or attacked by another. Sadly, this happens in many homes up and down the country. In some really bad cases that can also happen to a child.

These problems, known as domestic violence can happen in any kind of home to many different types of people. Sometimes a child can be hurt by accident, other times a child may not get hurt but can get very upset as one grown up hurts another.

Always remember, these things are NOT your fault, you did not make any of these things happen, even when a grown up makes you think that you may be to blame.

Women's Aid East and Midlothian understand that it's not just a mum that can benefit from help and support but children and young people too. Out trained staff are here to help you and to put an end to your hard times.

Sometimes that may be through speaking with you and your mum, other times it may involve having to find you somewhere else to live, this is sometimes known as refuge. To find out more about refuge, look at our 'What is refuge' page.

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