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How does the Women's Aid East and Midlothian referral process work?

To make a referral you can download a referral form. The form can be faxed to 0131 663 9032 or e-mailed to

You can also calll our main office number and ask to speak to one of the women’s team. We will ask you some basic questions like: name, age, DOB and known involvement in domestic abuse situations. We have a comprehensive assessment form that a support worker can talk through with a woman who decides she would like to use the service. As a professional you can accompany a woman to an initial meeting, as can supportive family members or friends. We try to make getting over our front door as easy as possible. Sometimes that means we can come out to a woman who can’t get to the office. If a woman you are worried about has difficulty leaving the house, or receiving mail, we can arrange to meet at a doctor’s surgery or another appointment and provide support. If you have concerns about a woman, you might find it useful to give us a call and ask a few questions. We are more than happy to help in any way that we can, so don’t hesitate to pick up the phone.

Download a referral form