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Welcome to the children’s section of the Women’s Aid East and Midlothian website. To make things a little more fun and interesting for young people we have made the content available in two variations.

thumbnail of the text version of the children's section

Version 1 - Static

The standard version of this information is in the 'static' variation which means it is shown just like a normal web page like this one. This is particularly useful for anyone who may need to copy and paste any of the information for use at a later date.

thumbnail of the flash version of the children's section

Version 2 - Flash

The alternative version is the Flash version. This is a much more attractive and interactive area which we hope to be a nicer way for young people to read about what we can do to help you. You must have Flash version 9 to view this. If you do not have a suitable version of Flash we recommend you check whether you can install it with an appropriate adult, if you would rather not do this you should choose the static version of the information.

Please choose which version of the site you'd like to see: