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People talk about refuge, what does this mean?

It is somewhere safe for you and your mum to go and live for a while.

Sometimes you will have a house all to yourself, or you might have a bedroom and share some of the space with other families like the kitchen, bathroom and living room.

The address of the refuges are kept secret, that is to keep you and your mum safe from any harm. Children’s worker can come and meet you at the refuge or take you out to make sure you settle in.

You can take your own things with you, put up posters, have games and toys and your own bed. Why don’t you try choosing some of things you would like to take with you.

If you have pets mum can arrange for them to go and stay with someone else while you are at refuge, through pet fostering services:

The Pet Fostering Service Scotland (PFSS) and Scottish Womens Aid have teamed up to help families who need to leave their home to escape domestic abuse. Sometimes families stay in a bad situation because they fear their pets will be deliberately harmed if they are left at home.

Families seeking refuge in Women’s Aid accommodation can have their pets looked after until they are in a safer situation to care for them by themselves. The pets are well looked after as this service is provided by the SSPCA animal welfare.

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